About Us

kimimageHello, my name is Kim Nguyen. I came from Vietnam. America is my country since South Vietnam lost the civil war to the North Vietnam in 1975.  I love the Internet and the freedom it has brought me. The entrepreneurial spirit in me has pushed me to leave cushion jobs in search of something that I can build my future on. The road had been long and heavy, and I am here today to tell you … I’ve survived! 🙂

Having been working from home full time for the past few years now I realized how awesome it is to offer the same opportunity for others like myself. So I set out to seek jobs that we can perform remotely like data entry, web design, SEO services, email marketing …etc. For these jobs you really don’t need the employee to be present – I would like to build such a company. With technology so readily available employees can just dial in from their home computers along with “team viewer” software and it is just like they’re sitting there.

I hope you give us a chance to make a different in your online business.

We’re on the same team always.

Kim Nguyen – CEO