How to choose the best SEO professional

In every field newbies are the ones that ruin it all for everybody. A newbie that can sell is one of the most dangerous sources, there is. SEO requires passion and cares and slow yet steady approach. Although a brand-new website can achieve ranking in two weeks (I’ve done it with a client) you must know how to drip feed your links and saturate your links. Think of your SEO strategy as how you would approach a real-life strategy. In real life when a business person who just acquires a new website the first thing he/she may want to do is to tell friends and families about it. So a link from Facebook to friends and families should be the first step. Next a person may think of placing their links in local directories – citation’s sites to shout-out to businesses about their new websites. Then that person may want to place links with other places as well because just think about it … in real life this is what happening with any new website. Links just do not appear on a day as it is not normal. Just think about it, how can an average person build links that fast? So you want to think in terms of a person instead of a computer and get your links in the same forward thinking.

You also will want to place links in authority websites such as classified ads such as Craigslist and other major classified ad’s websites.

You want to build links every month and not stop. Over time, you will achieve authority status, and you can rank anything you want.

Ranking isn’t for an entire website either – Ranking is per page. So optimize your page according to what you want to rank. Choosing the right keyword could mean money into your pocket or just having a site and no income.

You want to make money online – and by paying people like myself, you can be assured we build your links the right way. All is done manually and no hurry and not sloppy work.

Do not try to do SEO if you don’t know enough about it- Ask for past SEO case studies from your SEO professionals. Sometimes they are new, and they have no portfolio and this is OK as long as their pricing should reflect that, and they should let you know that. You can also test out by creating a new website to rank and bring traffic back to your main website.

Opt for long-term success with SEO. Once you hit #1 position you want to keep building links even 20 more links per month are good. The key here does it every month.

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Easy Video Creation Software

Do you find that creating videos is time consuming process?

Do you also find that creating videos without voice isn’t as much impart as videos with voices?

Do you agree that creating videos even with using images you already have but without text aren’t communicating your idea exactly?

Well you can just imagine how I feel when I stumbled upon article online video creation software.

This software is a dream because it allows you to import text you have on your hard drive – if you don’t have the text  it can search one of the biggest article database on the web namely ezine articles and return to you text/phrases you can use. And that’s not all – it can also distribute your videos to 100 other videos sharing services on the web.

You can add your own voice or use computer generated voice service.  It comes with 7 different templates to try out.

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Is Exact Match Anchor Text a Passe?

Google has one of the biggest loop holes in the Internet search history, and it’s the exact matched anchor text. It has evolved from using a money keywords in your domain name to using a money keyword in your links to completely disappearing slowly.

I must say SEO is good and bad at the same time. However, if ranking is your sole survival and without ranking #1 on Google, you lose your income would you do everything in your power to rank?

I must say yes.

Google punishes SEO a lot and with good reason. Many SEO newbies ruin everything by doing and implementing things in excess.  If they know posting comments work they post millions of spam comments, etc.

So here is the fact of life, and I hope you get it. If you’re new or having a new site, you will not see the light of day on Google unless you do some kind of back linking.  Google is a machine, and a machine needs to see some verifiable data.  So Google’s machine is getting smarter. However, it’s still needed to see some data by reading your anchor text to know what is about your site to rank you.  After all, it has to sift through million of pages and use “human” created an algorithm by doing lots of trails and errors to make a machine to know what your website is all about.

A machine needs data – things such as if a website speaks about ranking, linking, and anchor text it must be about SEO … or a website that speaks about make money from home, or sell some products with shopping cart on it, after that it must be an affiliate website, etc.  It is examining through millions of pages to find “pattern” about something – and if your site matches those patterns it will pick you. Then among the sites it picks it will choose those that have the most clout like have more quality back links – etc.

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