Easy Video Creation Software

Do you find that creating videos is time consuming process?

Do you also find that creating videos without voice isn’t as much impart as videos with voices?

Do you agree that creating videos even with using images you already have but without text aren’t communicating your idea exactly?

Well you can just imagine how I feel when I stumbled upon article online video creation software.

This software is a dream because it allows you to import text you have on your hard drive – if you don’t have the text¬† it can search one of the biggest article database on the web namely ezine articles and return to you text/phrases you can use. And that’s not all – it can also distribute your videos to 100 other videos sharing services on the web.

You can add your own voice or use computer generated voice service.  It comes with 7 different templates to try out.

Click here to see it in action:


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