Google panda SEO tips

Google chose keyword “panda” and “penguine” to identify their database update.  First rule of ranking on Google is to make sure your site indexes.  What this mean is when you go to Google’s search bar and type in you see a listing with your site URL in the search result. Once you know your site is indexed by Google it’s time to watch for your ranking.

Before I get into describing what you should do with your site to get great ranking with Google, I must give you several prerequisites:

1-  You must find several keywords to represent your site.  Think as a customer and ask yourself how would they find you? What kind of keyword they key into  Google to find you. Once you’re good and found at least 3 or 5 key phrases- go to step 2.

2- Make sure first 3 your main keywords display in your title tag- first keyword | second keyword | third keyword. If you don’t know what is your title tag, I recommend you call me and not do this by yourself.

3-  Make sure you place on your page your main keywords – and second keyword and third keyword. Write to your reader  and not for the search engines. If you can’t use all keywords- recommend you use the main keyword. There are ways to write for reader and for search engines. Call me on this.

4- Make sure you have quality content on your page. Imagine you as your customer who just arrives at your site- based on the keyword, they found your site and click on the link to arrive there. Do you have an immediate answer for them when they arrive? Is your site navigator easy to find? Do you have users’ engagement practice built in? Call for any question on this …

5- Make sure your site has enough and more content to describe in depth to the end users. What are problems/answers to their search?  One-page  website is no longer rank-able. You can but it has to be a very long tail keyword. Again call me if you have no idea what is a long tail keyword?

If you do all the five things above your Panda safe – and you’re not only enjoying your ranking but also making money as well. Now a day everything you do only must center around “What can you give?” There are other ranking techniques may get involved for top competitive keywords, but this is a basic and a great place to enjoy free organic search engine ranking.

Thanks for reading

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