Google panda SEO tips

Google chose keyword “panda” and “penguine” to identify their database update.  First rule of ranking on Google is to make sure your site indexes.  What this mean is when you go to Google’s search bar and type in you see a listing with your site URL in the search result. Once you know your site is indexed by Google it’s time to watch for your ranking.

Before I get into describing what you should do with your site to get great ranking with Google, I must give you several prerequisites:

1-  You must find several keywords to represent your site.  Think as a customer and ask yourself how would they find you? What kind of keyword they key into  Google to find you. Once you’re good and found at least 3 or 5 key phrases- go to step 2.

2- Make sure first 3 your main keywords display in your title tag- first keyword | second keyword | third keyword. If you don’t know what is your title tag, I recommend you call me and not do this by yourself.

3-  Make sure you place on your page your main keywords – and second keyword and third keyword. Write to your reader  and not for the search engines. If you can’t use all keywords- recommend you use the main keyword. There are ways to write for reader and for search engines. Call me on this.

4- Make sure you have quality content on your page. Imagine you as your customer who just arrives at your site- based on the keyword, they found your site and click on the link to arrive there. Do you have an immediate answer for them when they arrive? Is your site navigator easy to find? Do you have users’ engagement practice built in? Call for any question on this …

5- Make sure your site has enough and more content to describe in depth to the end users. What are problems/answers to their search?  One-page  website is no longer rank-able. You can but it has to be a very long tail keyword. Again call me if you have no idea what is a long tail keyword?

If you do all the five things above your Panda safe – and you’re not only enjoying your ranking but also making money as well. Now a day everything you do only must center around “What can you give?” There are other ranking techniques may get involved for top competitive keywords, but this is a basic and a great place to enjoy free organic search engine ranking.

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Negative SEO what is it and how can you protect your site?

Last week one of my customer’s sites hit with negative SEO. Now a day it’s not that hard to attack a site.  A competitor can just add unnecessary links to your profile, and suddenly  you experienced loss in ranking.  It’s lonely at the top and granted this is one of the business casualties you can’t avoid.  Human’s greed and thrive on unfair practices are rampant no matter what you do.

The only way to protect yourself is to keep an eye on your ranking always.  If an enemy out to destroy you, there is invariably a way to counter back their actions. It’s annoying and wasting time activities, but any competent SEO will know how to help you get back where you were.

Also, there are lots of questions about quality content – If you have quality content will your site shield from harm? It’s a loaded question and honestly, there is no right or wrong answer.

Google is a bot aka a computer.  Google hires a lot of human editors but there are million of sites who to pay a visit and who is not. With a computer, it must be written by a human to tell it what to do. No matter how competent a programmer is – he  will make mistake, and it will take trials and errors to get it right. So while Google is adjusting its own algorithm, your site may get hit and penalized in an unfair way. I guess life goes on, and you can just restart your site again. There are two ways – one I will most recommend, and it’s to buy a new “old” aged website.  A website that has already back linked built to it, and you can just take over and re-theme to match your business. Your way back to the top isn’t going to be as long as you’ve done with a brand new site.

So it’s not the end of the world really … just give me a call, I will fix it for you.


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Choosing An Seo Consultant

Best seo margate floridaWhile the most essential thing in creating a webpage is the designer, an expert and educated SEO is also more important if you intend to have it turn up well in search engine ranks. An SEO professional could mean the distinction in between a great web page that no person views and a great web page that everyone not just visits and talks about.

A great SEO consultant will certainly not just remember the tricks of the profession however also how you can use them best. An SEO expert is as much an artist as the web developer. Whereas the web developer remembers every one of the methods of the sell developing a work of art of the net the SEO professional is the promoter that makes sure individuals travel to view it.

When selecting an SEO for your business you want to make sure he/she will work with your web designer or web developer.  He/she must understand your business objective and respect your wishes.  A great SEO consultant will know how to work with you to help you rank as well as retaining what are important parts of your business. Above all never sacrifice values to your visitors for the sake of obtaining traffic.  Traffic without sales is wasteful.

The most essential aspect is to make sure that your SEO specialist could work with each other with your website designer as to not impede their efforts. Say to the SEO consultant just what you need.

Whereas the internet developer knows all of the tricks of the trade in developing a masterpiece of the net the SEO specialist is the marketer that makes sure folks travel to view it.

How To Choose A Best Web Designer

Attractive Young Businesswoman Looking at Computer SurprisedWeb designer comes in many faces.  Now a day a lot of websites using Word press. I happen to love Word press.  Word press is fast, and it comes with so many beautiful templates you can either purchase or get for FREE.  So how do you choose a best designer for your website? This question can only be answered one way. It’s depended on your taste.

If you want to own a music website, you want it to look very cool, and it must have some great-looking  graphics while if you want to own a business website, then it must have great and easy to find navigation.  It must have professional-looking  pages, content and color.  Most web designers can give you what you want if you just showed him/her your ideas.  I would go to Google and browse around and find what I think I like.  Write down the URL and hand them over to your prospective web designer.  Price isn’t the only factor you use to decide who you want to work with.  If the price is within reason you may want to work with people that you like.

I got an order from a very nice business woman – I worked my butt off, but she didn’t like any of my design and insisted upon creating  a site that looked just like her old site. I did as requested but at the end it wasn’t what she wanted.  Any way to make a long story short – I designed a site based on what I think it should look and guess what she really loved it.

So as a web designer I know what works and what doesn’t work in terms of how it can get business online. Our website only has few seconds to impress a visitor based on basic of color, navigation system and content. So we must make an effort to spend more time to find what we like. At the same time, we may want to listen to the professionals.

Design your website to show people who you are and what your business objective is.  If you choose a web designer, you want to communicate with him/her exactly what you think the result  would be. Like I said above … it pays for you to search Google for websites that you like.

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How To Make Money Online

Awesome SEO WEB DESIGNER MARGATE FLORIDAThere are many ways to make money online. You must decide early on what  you like to do?  Case in point … I really love to rank websites. Above all, I love to make money passively.  What this mean is I want to create websites that always rank first on Google (well at this writing Google is the number-one  search engines in the world), and my websites are making money for me every day.  If you make 20 dollars a day per website, you can multiply them up to 100, and you make $2000 a day.

It will take some times to find out which website makes money and which one doesn’t.

Here is another tip for you. It’s because this software is making money for this guy or that girl that doesn’t mean it will make money FOR YOU.  It also doesn’t mean the software is crap it only means that you need to find out on your own what you want to do and just do it.

I can really assure you that most of Internet Marketer are those who do not want to take the time to make it – at the end we will end up doing it anyway  but in our mind, we will want to search for a “push button” solution. We secretly wish that if we can just use this or automate that the money just kept rolling in. Let’s, me tell you  – it took me a long time to arrive where I am today.  I am happy with my chosen profession, and I found out that I really am good at it. However, this realization doesn’t come overnight  or from some gurus online. It came to me because of my sheer frustrations yet my love for the art of making money online that God decided to give me some help.

So … making money online is REAL. You can do it. You just have to dig, deep down, inside which way you want to go. Do you want to make money with a list? I found that I am terrible with this. I refuse to lie to sell worthless products to my list, so I don’t write much … but I’ve traveled there before.  Do you want to make money doing SEO?  SEO is hard work because the client will leave you sooner or later. So you will keep looking for new one. However, being good at ranking affords you to create your own websites that make money.   Do you want to make money selling products? Either way you choose being found is essential so you may need to hire me to do SEO for you-


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SEO and Why It’s Important To Your Business

SUntitled design(5)EO is short for Search Engines Optimization.

Why is SEO So Important to Your Success?

Just what Else You ought to understand about Online advertising and Promotions in the mirror of SEO services?

Here’s the online marketing strategy and why SEO is important to your business.

Expect you have a product you want to sell.  Your neighborhood knows about you as you live near them and they get a chance to know about you and your product.  However, the sale is still limited to a particular limit.  You now want to make it global or at least national.  One of the ways is to create a website to show people your “product”. Next is to make sure other websites know about you. Soon the viral effect of your website will be on as many related and relevant websites as possible. Google ranks you and you’re #1.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on ads.

With online marketing, everyone in the nation, as well as the globe, will certainly be able to view and read more about your product in the comfort of their own home.

Now, this is a quite true truth that although a website is an easy way to market yet there are still certain limits. First of all, there are greater than many thousands of websites that showcase the exact same item that you market.  Millions of websites on the Internet but Google can only display 10 on a page.  Which website get to make the cut? You need a competent SEO person to help to give your website a fighting chance.

So in order to make your online advertising approach successful, you ought to look for some aid of a seasoned SEO. The obligation of an SEO is to optimize the page of your website so when Google bot shuffles through millions it will know the relevancy of your website.  You have to write in such a way that it can recognize.  Google is a machine and runs on many Google’s bots.  Its job is to return a search result (website) that matches what users key into the search’s engine bar to search.  This is exactly what you call SEO, which plays a vital function in online promotion of solutions and products.

With proper SEO techniques applied to your website, you could experience awesomeness in an avalanche of traffic and from that turning into potential buyers.  The website SEO specialist will need to find key phrases that help you rank extremely fast … still, we have other industry secrets to make sure your site is sticky at the top.  All other nitty and gritty tasks of SEO are done for you by an SEO specialist.  Quality work can begin to show if your SEO guy/gal happens to be a web designer as well.

Communication on the Internet unfortunately reduced to only words and phrases.  Your visitors don’t know who you are they can only read about what you say.  Therefore the better your website reflects the “YOU” the higher chances of your acquiring clients. In this manner, the goal of effective promotion of products will certainly be acquired. It is noticeable that the duty of SEO is essential when it comes to marketing and selling products online.

It’s clear as indicated above that in order to make your online advertising strategy successful you ought to look for some assistance of an experienced SEO. It is obvious that the role of SEO is quite important when it comes to marketing and advertising items online.

Here are some of the jargon a seasoned SEO specialist may use:

1) Bookmarking.
2) Blogging.
3) Classifieds.
4) Directory Submission.
5) Article Submission.
6) RSS Feed.
7) PR Log.
8) Yahoo Answers.
9) Link Exchange.
10) Affiliation.

All these are methods which will enhance your websites showing up in Google, Yahoo, Bing online search engine. Aside from this the major your job which is done by these channels is to boost your backlinks which are the most important part of SEO.   In summary, having an internet site and to keep it ahead rankings can be done by SEO which helps them to continue to be in between high of the sites.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for online business.  You can’t afford NOT to have SEO done to your site and help boost its ranking to the #1 position of Google.