So You’ve Been Burn Before …

Last week, I had a chance to chat with a local business owner who posted an ad on Craigslist and solicited for help in SEO organic ranking. I reached out and touched him. In our phone conversation, I told him how much it will cost him to give his SEO strategy a really healthy boost.  He told me not in many words that he had been burnt before, and he would not be ready to give me what I need to help him achieve his objective.

At this time, I wasn’t sure if he did not like the money he is going to spend or trust me to do the job. Nevertheless, I worked on a package deal which I’ll present to him when we chat again this week.

Any how … just thinking out loud …

In business or in real life, we often have to kiss few frogs before we find our Prince. Just because there are more frogs in your environment at one time it doesn’t mean prince charming would never materialize. So just in case Prince Charming becomes available would you know it or would you let the opportunity passing you by?

How do we know how to hire an authentic SEO company?

We really don’t because some of the most ruthless SOB in the SEO world know how to talk a good game and confuse you and destroy you like the case of my local business owner. However, you must take some risks and use your investigative research and make the decision to hire that SEO person or not. Well check to see if they rank their own website – their case studies – and more.

I am very up to date in my methodology when it comes to ranking, and the Lord knows Uncle Google loves to change his mind and confuses us a lot. Ranking after all that is saying relied on quality back links and social signals. To rank well you must have your links in many healthy and wealthy websites, and the social media world should know about your product or websites. You also must build links slowly and all the time. In a nutshell, that is it honestly. Seo is also an exercise in trials and errors and employing some calculated risks. Whenever you manipulate the search engines, you are already in the black hat games. So build one link or hundred links. You are in some way are walking on the dark side.

Build links require efforts and extremely tedious as you must comb through lots of websites to find few good ones.  So give your SEO guy/gal a boost and help them to do the job for you.