Why you shouldn’t buy “comment” links?

What is comment link and why you shouldn’t buy them?  Hope you stay and read to the end of this article as what you read here can save YOU lots of money and troubles.

To rank well the truth is you want to place your site with highly relevant websites with high domain authority and high PR (page rank).  These factors are deemed by Google as trust worthy and thus in its equation to rank a site yours will be favored.

Many people attempt to achieve the same thing by placing comments to relevant and high PR websites. This in itself is great thing to do however if you are short on time and want to buy link building service from these people here are what you need to know.

First -If you want to buy links to boost your ranking YOU SHOULD NEVER LINK DIRECTLY TO YOUR MONEY SITE.  You will only link to you tube videos or any other videos you’ve made an already posted on line.  You may want to link to your Facebook page, web 2.0 pages, etc.

You also are advised to not use exact match anchor text.  Exact match anchor text for your main money key word is precious comodity and are preserved to use with high PR blogs network that you personally own or from other very high and reputable sites.  These links are extremely precious so don’t throw away with trash like comment blog links.

You also want to use balance anchor text … meaning you want to use any other anchor text but your main money keyword anchor text.

It also helps not to pollute the search engines by insisting the sellers to only write RELEVANT comment gear toward the article or blog post.  Many of the sellers are trying to pull over your eyes and telling you that they are manually done- make no mistake about this – manual and relevant are two different things all together.

So it’s best you don’t even try it – Help the search engine’s cleaner by doing responsible things.



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