About Us

kimimageHello, my name is Kim Nguyen.  Initially, I created this website to sell my SEO services.  However, one of my true love is writing affiliate marketing authentic reviews.  I am also an SEO strategist, I employ many techniques to rank my client’s site to top 3 on Google both Map and Organic.  Along the way, I’ve to purchase or create my own SEO products. I do have a few software which I use all the time to help me achieve the constant top three positions for Map and Organic.

So now I like to contribute this space to writing products reviews either internet marketing or SEO software that I like or don’t like. Trust me my reviews are authentic and downright nasty for some of the bad rip off products you may see. However, let me tell you this- More often than not the value of the products do not matter only how you present them. That is why if you make friend with some marketers who have lots of eyeballs on his list(s) you will make money.  Because some of us out there will believe and buy anything that is recommended by their list owner.

Bookmark my site and come back often to read mind-boggling reviews on current affiliate products.

Thanks for reading,