How to choose the best SEO professional

How to choose the best SEO professionalIn every field newbies are the ones that ruin it all for everybody. A newbie that can sell is one of the most dangerous sources, there is. SEO requires passion and cares and slow yet steady approach. Although a brand-new website can achieve ranking in two weeks (I’ve done it with a client) you must... Read More »

Is Exact Match Anchor Text a Passe?

Google has one of the biggest loop holes in the Internet search history, and it’s the exact matched anchor text. It has evolved from using a money keywords in your domain name to using a money keyword in your links to completely disappearing slowly. I must say SEO is good and bad at the same... Read More »

Why you shouldn’t buy “comment” links?

What is comment link and why you shouldn’t buy them?  Hope you stay and read to the end of this article as what you read here can save YOU lots of money and troubles. To rank well the truth is you want to place your site with highly relevant websites with high domain authority and... Read More »

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