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Email Marketing marketing

Effective Email Marketing

All Marketing and Advertising Efforts Must Be Lead Directly To A Lead Magnet!

It takes skill and experience to be able to turn visitors into customers and to put the right product range, offer or palette of services into place.

It is nearly impossible to identify those magnetic parts of your brand objectively when attempting to do it yourself and, as this lies at the core of your business, you need to get this right first time.

You also need to be able to understand how your brand extends to your PR efforts, press releases, podcasts etc and how it also encompasses special events such as contests, giveaways and so on.

Most businesses lead their marketing efforts to a website or a telephone number.  That is a HUGE mistake.  All marketing efforts must solely focus on getting the “free thing” instead of trying to make a sale.

The Numbers
When done correctly, about 40% of the people who come to your website will take you up on your lead magnet offer. This is from cold traffic (search, social, etc.).  When all of your marketing efforts are focused on the lead magnet, about 70% of the traffic will take you up on the offer.

Currently, based on what our clients tell us, without a lead magnet only about 2% of their traffic engage their business.

With the lead magnet this number can go up to as high as 70%.

What’s A Magnetic Lead Magnet?
We create all of the lead magnets for our clients because a lead magnet should have a strong subliminal sales message inside of it.  It should be designed to do three things…

1. Build trust with the audience (turn a cold contact into a warm lead)

2. WOW the prospect (if they are giving this away for free the paid stuff must be amazing)

3. Subliminally sell your product or service

Lead magnets are usually either in video or PDF format and they are usually focused on moving away from some sort of pain.

For example, a client of ours owns a plumbing company with 21 locations in 4 states.  The lead magnet we created for him was a PDF and it looks a little something like this ...


Stop Getting Ripped Off!

“Free Report Reveals The Top 5 Things You MUST Know Before Hiring A Plumber!”


The 20 page PDF then goes on to build trust with the audience, WOW them with the information that is revealed, and subliminally sell  his plumbing services.

After The Prospect Takes The Lead Magnet You Are Then Able To Market To Them As Much As You Want

Email marketing is extremely cheap and when it’s done correctly it works better than direct mail.  When the prospect takes the lead magnet they are also giving you permission to email them legally without violating CAN-SPAM laws.

So now that we’ve created a lead magnet, built a little trust, and captured the contact information of the prospect.

LEAD MAGNET $499 One time

This package includes ...

  • Create one professional landing page for your website that converts ...
  • Create report or video based on your business to give away ...
  • Install autoresponder service ... *Customer needs to sign up ($15 a month)
  • Create 12 follow up emails sequences  ...
  • Onpage SEO to rank
  • 20 SEO Articles to bring immediate traffic
  • 1 High def video to rank


  • Create newsletter for your industry with hottest news and updates and send to your list


  • Call for more detail

Call Us Now To Find Out How We Can Help You Set Up Your Online Marketing Campaign Today!   

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