How Do You Rank An E-commerce Site 2018?

How Do You Rank An E-commerce Site 2018?

This morning I read a very detail article about how to rank an e-commerce site. It was someone who recommended by Matt Diggy whom I really admire. I got tired of reading it as there are so many things to do. In my own humble opinion here are what I would do to rank e-commerce site. I’ve seen it works – brilliantly.  So sorry but you just have to investigate yourself as I will not leave any link here.

First, ask yourself this question and it’s really simple.

Why it seems everytime you search for a product, Amazon is always in the top 3 of Google?

The answer to this question is your golden ticket to success.

Amazon trust score is 94/100 which is a phenomenon in itself. So if a product that is well crafted with the right title will be displayed on top of Google search result top 3. Without doing any ranking at all the link itself has immediate trust scores of 10 which is damn good.  Most of the e-commerce sites do not have this luxury. and if the e-commerce site is new you just may as well forget it.

So how do you beat Amazon?

You probably beat them or join them if you do following things correctly.

You can be #2 or #3 and you will still make money.

What I would do first is to boost my trust scores of the site to at least 40 to 50. You will need professionals to help you here. Once you achieve this – or while you are achieving this you want to optimize your product title tag and meta description tag. I would add more description or write some content that generally answers these questions-

Who are you?
Why do you create this site?
Why should they choose you?
How can this product help them?

Make sure you answer very thoroughly …

How refund work?

How much time does it take for the product to be shipped? shipping policies – free or per item?

Spell everything out clearly. Pretend you are the customer and answer any question you may have yourself if you would buy this product.

Your on-page content is critical particularly your product title tag. Put keyword inside there.

Keep adding high trust scores to your main page –

Don’t use exact match anchor text –

The brand works great here



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